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Your [[secondary]] Campervan Rental Begins With Escape

When you need a [[secondary]] campervan rental, look towards Escape campervans. Our [[depotcity]] campervan rental location is close by and the perfect place to begin your next journey. By grabbing your campervan in [[depotcity]], you're just a short drive to [[attraction1]], [[attraction2]], or [[attraction3]]. Or buckle up for a cross-country trek in your tricked out campervan.

Why Book A Campervan Rental For The Ultimate Road Trip

Your [[secondary]] campervan rental brings a new level of spontaneity. Stay at a state park with no worry about rainy weather. Then, it’s off to parts unknown without a worry in the world. With an Escape Campervan, you’re wandering as you see fit, knowing that each campervan trip is epically different.

Of course, you’ll need a fantastic campervan for a fantastic campervan road trip All our campers are fun to drive and are equipped with a queen-sized bed, fully-functioning kitchen, and a awesome paint job. Unlike a cumbersome RV, campervans drive like any car and should fit on most tent camping pads. You might even try to disperse camp with your Escape campervan -- just make sure to adhere to the Leave No Trace principles.

What [[secondary]] Campervan Rental Will You Choose?

You will have a few different models when choosing your [[secondary]] campervan rental. Most choices are between van size, storage space, and itinerary.

The Mavericks campervan is our most asked about van. With The Mavericks, there’s a soft queen-size bed, a foldable table and benches, a dual-burner Coleman propane stove, built-in fridge, and sink. It's an easy pick for a short getaway to [[closestAttraction]]. Or, The Mavericks also is large enough for a week-long camping excursion to [[closeNationalPark]]. Add on a rooftop sleeper, and the kids can have their own “room”.

The Big Sur campervan runs a bit more spacious than the Mavericks and offers you more storage for your crew. You still have a built-in stove in the trunk, but you won’t have to move the bucket seats for your queen-size bed. It's perfect if you need some extra storage space or a comfy ride for bigger adventures further away.

For smaller campervan models, consider the Santa Cruz model or the Jeep Camper. You still find the bed and kitchen but your vehicle takes up a much smaller footprint. These vehicles work well for quick getaways or romantic vacations. *These models are only available for rent in certain states.

Want a deluxe bedding set, picnic table, or canopy for your [[secondary]] campervan rental? Check out all the extras that you can reserve for your trip. And don’t worry, you’ll get excellent customer care and 24/7 roadside assistance at no additional cost!

Directions For Your [[secondary Campervan Rental In [[depotcity]]

You begin your road trip in [[depotcity]]. The Escape Depot is located on [[depotroad]], by [[landmark]]. The most direct way to get to the depot from [[secondary]] is by taking [[highway]] and looking for [[exitRd]] exit. We’re at [[address]], and you long-term park your car at [[parkingLot]]. A lot of our renters use a ride app, like Lyft or Uber, to the depot.

Where To Go After You Get Your [[secondary]] Campervan Rental

Once you get the keys to your ride in [[depotcity]], you can visit [[attraction1]] by [[mainHwy]]. Or check out [[location2]] that’s just [[miles]] miles away. Of course, you are driving a campervan, so it’s perfectly feasible to see both on the same trip! Over at the blog, you can find itineraries that show other venues that are worth seeing around [[depotcity]] and [[secondary]].

How about a cross-country road trip? It's simple to pull off when you travel the [[northernSouthern]] route. Then drop off your campervan at any Escape depot and grab a plane back home.

Reserve Your Escape Campervan To Kick Off Your Journey

To start your campervan road trip, rent a campervan today. Or phone 1-877-270-8267 to personally talk with our reservations reps. We'll gladly answer all your questions and reserve your campervan. Then count down the hours until you can explore [[depotstate]] and beyond in your Escape campervan!